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It Ain’t Easy Makin’ Games: When Console Games Turn Evil

This time in It Ain’t Easy Makin’ Games, we’ll return briefly to the world of consoles for not one but two system-hacking equivalents of the Windows-killing Anarchy Online 11.2 patch, one for the Nintendo DS and one for Playstation. Alas, nobody’s perfect, but is it really that hard to make a game that doesn’t wipe your entire PS memory card?

11. Pokémon: Fushigi no Dungeon Kills Other Gameboy Advance Games

Photo credit: http://www.gamefaqs.com/

This (yet another) Pokemon spinoff came in two releases: Blue for the DS, and Red for the Gameboy Advance. You could plug your old Red version into the Gameboy Advance Port in the DS and use the advanced Blue system to play the Red file with better graphics and sound. This was good. The same technology that allowed the DS version to access the Gameboy Advance port for the Red save files, however, tended to erase the data of any other game plugged into the port while the DS Blue version was running. This was bad. Very, very bad.

Nintendo’s solution? Free replacement of the Blue version within about three weeks of game release. I guess a time machine for recovering lost data was too much to ask.

10. Playstation Underground Demo (Holiday 2004 Edition) Kills Your Memory Card

Photo credit: ebay.com (that doesn’t bode too well for its replay value, eh?)

I remember fondly my first Playstation Demo disc, the bright red artifact that whisked me gently into the exotic worlds of Um Jammer Lammy, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider, and some intriguing puzzle game that involved being smashed by rolling cubes. One reason that these memories remain fond is that unlike Capcom’s Viewtiful Joe 2 demo on the 2004 Holiday PS Underground disc, the games on my own disc did not spontaneously wipe my memory card, obviating hours—days!—of Elnoyles hunted, Cool Boards collected, and Hall of Hero weapons unlocked in one swift kick of programming ineptitude.

PS Underground’s solution? Remove your memory card before using the demo disc, duh.

Interestingly, this demo disc is now known as one of the only ways to reformat a corrupted Playstation memory card, as seen on this help forum: http://community.us.playstation.com/thread/79451?start=0&tstart=0.

Guess level freezes and the occasional system crash aren’t really so bad after all.

Information credit: http://www.bucketbros.com/text/worst-videogame-bugs.html


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