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It Ain’t Easy Makin’ Games: Metal Donkey Kong

The word glitch is thought to have possibly entered the English language from the Yiddish word glitsh, meaning “a slip.” Not all glitches, however, have to make you lose your footing in a particular game; just like the Master Hand error reported in the last article, many can actually help you stand your ground, or at least don’t push you over.

The Metal DK error in Donkey Kong Country is one such mistake, though like everyone’s beloved Pokemon MissingNo, its manifestation in the game may cause a shiver or two to slip down your spine, especially if you’re playing alone at night.

Taking advantage of this glitch requires some solid timing, but the process is simple enough:

1. Acquire Rambi  the Rhinoceros in the first level (Kongo Jungle, Jungle Hijinx) and ride him back to the very beginning of the stage.

2. Go to where a steel barrel is hiding under a weak spot in the ground (marked by some brown lines that look like dead grass) under a floating arrow of bananas right of a stand of trees.

3. Dismount Rambi, jump down from the trees (following the floating banana arrow) onto the weak spot to reveal the steel barrel, and throw it against the wall so that it starts to roll toward Rambi.

4. Jump onto the barrel before it reaches Rambi and hold Y until you get to him.

5. When you pass Rambi, press B while still holding Y, which will make you disembark from the steel barrel to mount Rambi. Don’t let go of Y!

6. While still holding Y, have Rambi hit the steel barrel away.

7. Finally, let go of Y, and Rambi should have turned into a metal Donkey Kong! How’s that for smooth?

14. Donkey Kong Country: Ride Metal Donkey Kong

Content and Photo Credit: http://davidwonn.kontek.net/

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  1. August 2, 2011 at 10:03 am

    i want Gold Donkey kong lol.. elf030. 😉

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