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So You Want to Expand Your Empire – the Peaceful Way!

If you’ve reached the Dark Age and built a Wonder, you might be wondering who these mysteriously wise people hanging out in your tavern are.  Don’t be alarmed, they are just priests!

They might seem not very useful, their actually wield enormous influence on the course of your empire. However, as advocates of peace, their power lies not in physical power but social power. As religious leaders, priests can use spirituality to foster  a strong sense of community and cohesion. As leader of your empire, it can be greatly beneficial to harness priests’ gifts for social engineering.

As mentioned already, you must be in the Dark Age and have built a Wonder to recruit priests. Once this step is complete, Priests will automatically show up in your Tavern under the “Priests” tab. Now that you have a priest, it’s time to let them work. Priests level up by either teaching or leading worship. To do this, click on the Wonder in your town, then click the “Worship” button on the bottom left. Then select an amount of time you’d like to worship for (“Max. Worship” is recommended), and it’s set! Your Civilization Value and Fame will slowly but surely start to increase.

Another way to use Priests is outside your city, as in way outside! Go to your world map by clicking on the globe button between orders interface and mini map on the bottom of the screen. From there, you can see your city and its area of influence, shaded with green squares. You can dispatch your priests to a plot of land within your area of influence and build temples or teach. Doing both of these will help you increase your civilization value and your area of influence, so make sure to do them often!

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