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The Art of War vs. The Art of Diplomacy

June 21, 2011 1 comment

How often has this happened to you: you’re happily building up your empire and leveling up your hero when all of the sudden, you’ve been scouted! Defamed! Or worse, plundered! How dare they!? You haven’t done anything to provoke them and all of the sudden attacks appear out of no where!? Not cool!!!

This has certainly happened to me and likely to you as well. It’s very frustrating because most of us just want to focus on our own empires and work our way up, but it seems certain people take joy in messing with easy targets because they haven’t been playing as long. In these situations, it’s very easy to get angry and want to retaliate, teach them a lesson, at least take back what’s rightfully yours right!?

That’s one way to do it, after all, the name of the game is Imperial Warfare. However, war isn’t always the answer. Just last week, I got a message saying that I was being defamed by my neighbor town, which I took somewhat personally since before then, we pretty much just stayed out of each other’s way. My gut reaction was to send out all of my priests and defame him! Maybe even scout him out to let him know I wasn’t playing around! Instead, I decided I would reach out to him, send him a message, and see what was going on.

It turns out, “he” was actually a “she” and furthermore, was actually one of my coworkers from the customer service department! What a twist! Here’s a game that is being played all around the world and I happened to have my town right next to someone who works with me! We had been building our virtual empires right next to each other this entire time! She replied to my message saying she was only doing some testing in response to some issue that was reported and later we met up for lunch to discuss the finer points of Imperial Warfare.

Needless to say, none of this would have happened had I gone with my gut reaction. We both could’ve spent considerable resources going after each other while unknowingly hating our colleagues more and more. Of course, I was fully prepared and *almost* expecting some hostility before I received her reply, so as to exercise my online military muscle. However, as Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War advises: “Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.” So perhaps next time.

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Contribute to Imperial Warfare’s Library of Alexandria and Win Prizes!

The Library of Alexandria is the most important library of the ancient world, archives for empires, sanctuaries for sacred writings, and depositories of literature and chronicles were housed at this famous Ancient Egyptian warehouse of knowledge. Although this monument of wisdom is not in our game yet, there is an equivalent housed elsewhere on the internet: Imperial Warfare’s very own Wiki! Located at, it is the place to go for all things Imperial Warfare.

Just like how the Library of Alexandria was built by the collective writings of scholars from around the world to come to exchange knowledge, the Imperial Warfare Wiki is also a user generated and maintained database of Imperial Warfare facts, figures, and stories. Of course, these contributions will not go unrewarded, that’s why we are giving out prizes for players who do not merely play the game but are true scholars! Find out more about the event at

Good Luck!

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New Event for Templar Server Only!

We take a break from our regular scheduled program to bring you this breaking news: a contest is taking place for Imperial Warfare players on Templar!

Basically, for the next couple weeks we are giving out awesome prizes for being awesome at Imperial Warfare! Since most of the contests revolve around having high level characters, players who were on Templar from the beginning will have the best chances! However if you were not, don’t despair! Some prizes are still within reach!

For more details, go to:

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How to Strike it Rich in Imperial Warfare, part 2

So you’ve got your merchants and they’re loaded up with gold and goods to sell, now what? Dispatch them of course! At first, your merchants will only be able to travel through one road at a time (meaning they can only move to an adjacent city), but with each 10 levels they advance, they will be able to travel more roads in one trip. To dispatch your merchant, click the “Dispatch” button right below their picture on the Trade Center interface. From there, you will see your closest village (your merchant must travel through here first) in green and the surrounding connected villages in yellow. Click on one of the connected villages to travel there and then click “Dispatch” to send them on their way!

Once you have reached a village, you can buy items from the local markets there if you have enough gold and space in your backpack. Although you can buy from these markets, you cannot sell any items here! Selling only takes place at metropolises, designated by slightly larger buildings on your dispatch map. Since at first it will take several dispatches for merchants to travel from one metropolis to another, it is advisable to find two that are close to each other and trade exclusively between them to level up your merchant quickly. For every 10 levels your merchant advances, he/she will be able to travel one more road per dispatch. This is enormously important because items that have traveled farther generally fetch higher prices.

Eventually, high level merchants will be able to travel between far apart metropolises in one turn and make ridiculous amounts of money per trip!

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How to Strike it Rich in Imperial Warfare, part 1

June 8, 2011 1 comment

It’s been said that “the love of money is the root of all evil.” This is quite true but we’re not talking about some get-rich-quick-scheme. Building an Empire requires Gold to pay for troops, buildings, and of course, to keep the King pampered! The main way kingdoms generate gold now is through tax collection at the Town Center. Sometimes, that just isn’t enough and you need more gold to keep building, this is where Merchants come in!

Merchants are similar to Heroes and Priests in that they are recruited from the Tavern, but the similarities end there. The Merchants’ skill lies in it’s ability buy items for a low price, add value to them, and then sell it for a higher price for profit. How do they do this? Easy, by transporting them from their origins with high supply and low demand to places with low supply and high demand! Experienced Merchants know what items are worth in various parts of the world, can bargain hard to acquire items at low cost, and resell it at the highest price possible.

To get started, you must be at least in Feudal Age and have built a Trade Center. Once you have completed this, you can click on your Tavern and click the “Merchant” tab to recruit Merchants. As with Heroes and Priests before them, Merchants have various attributes that should be considered when recruiting them.

After you have recruited your merchant, go to the Trade Center to equip prepare them for trade. Any items that your merchants can sell will be shown here. To load them, just click on the item and select “Load”, then enter the amount you want to load. If you do not have any items for trade or not enough, you can also load your merchant with gold. Hint: load about 80,000 gold with each merchant, it should be just enough to fill their caravan to full capacity with valuable items for sale, meaning more profit at each stop!

Stay tune for part 2, buying and selling!

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So You Want to Expand Your Empire – the Peaceful Way!

If you’ve reached the Dark Age and built a Wonder, you might be wondering who these mysteriously wise people hanging out in your tavern are.  Don’t be alarmed, they are just priests!

They might seem not very useful, their actually wield enormous influence on the course of your empire. However, as advocates of peace, their power lies not in physical power but social power. As religious leaders, priests can use spirituality to foster  a strong sense of community and cohesion. As leader of your empire, it can be greatly beneficial to harness priests’ gifts for social engineering.

As mentioned already, you must be in the Dark Age and have built a Wonder to recruit priests. Once this step is complete, Priests will automatically show up in your Tavern under the “Priests” tab. Now that you have a priest, it’s time to let them work. Priests level up by either teaching or leading worship. To do this, click on the Wonder in your town, then click the “Worship” button on the bottom left. Then select an amount of time you’d like to worship for (“Max. Worship” is recommended), and it’s set! Your Civilization Value and Fame will slowly but surely start to increase.

Another way to use Priests is outside your city, as in way outside! Go to your world map by clicking on the globe button between orders interface and mini map on the bottom of the screen. From there, you can see your city and its area of influence, shaded with green squares. You can dispatch your priests to a plot of land within your area of influence and build temples or teach. Doing both of these will help you increase your civilization value and your area of influence, so make sure to do them often!

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Building for Success

One of the most time-consuming aspects of Imperial Warfare is building, there’s no avoiding it so you might as well build as much as you can. Yesterday’s tip about optimizing resource collection is especially pertinent here, once you’ve acquired those resources, you’ve also got to spend them! By default, building construction is limited to only two at once (unless you are using Recruitment Orders), I’d like to share some strategies for ordering construction for maximum efficiency.

First and foremost, you’ll notice that whenever you advance into a new age, a lot of buildings require the Town Center to be up to date on it’s latest level. There is a very practical reason for this, the Town Center is where tax is collected; and with a bigger Town Center, taxes can be collected faster. That gold will come in very handy because inflation has very serious impacts on your finances! If you can, I recommend upgrading your Town Center to the highest as soon as you advance into each new era.

Next, build all available buildings as soon as they are available, that way you can start using it right away, whether it’s for research, recruiting, or some other function. These buildings need time to do their thing, so by having it up and running earlier, you can set things in motion while you attend to other things, like upgrading existing buildings. Examples of this include the Production Center, Military Affairs Center, and Domestic Affairs Center.

After all the available new buildings have been built and in operation, resources are your next priority, but they don’t have to be upgraded all at once! Just upgrading a few every now and then should be more than sufficient to keep your empire running smoothly. I’m not talking about just natural resources either, Civilian Houses fill up very quickly, especially in with basic or guard infantry who pop out every few seconds!

So that’s a rough guideline for optimizing your build order. Got any suggestions or tips you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments!

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