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EVENT: Your Wish Is Our Command.

Valiant and lovely netizens of Imperial Warfare!

To keep up with the holiday spirit and make sure that Santa doesn’t mark us as Naughty before the big day arrives, we’re going to great lengths to grant the wishes of our players this holiday season.

In addition to reducing prices significantly in our Mall and holding a comparatively tame Christmas Wish giveaway on our Forum (coming soon!), we are commencing a more intense and high-stakes competition on our Facebook page Imperial Warfare. To participate:

1. Become a fan of our Imperial Warfare Facebook fan page (good thing most of you already are!): http://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/Imperial-Warfare/149982775047454

2. Post your server, IGN (in-game name), Civilization (Rome, Persia, China, or Egypt), and a single wish related to IW in a single message on the Wall. State the wish clearly in a single FULL sentence of less than 15 words. Example: “I want a Level 50 Hero with the name Julius Rabbit.”

3. In fewer than 50 words, explain the reason for your wish. Example: “My best childhood friend was a rabbit named Julius. He listened to all my problems and understood me like nobody else could. Therefore, I would like to memorialize his greatness by hunting large groups of wild animals and burning enemy Cities in his name.” The funnier this explanation, the better. Why? Because it will increase your chances of getting your wish granted? YES.

4. Once you post your wish as a comment on our Wall, you must find as many different people as possible to “Like” it.

5. Very simply, the wish from each civilization with the most “Likes” by 11:59 P.M. on December 31, 2010, get granted. Note that a player must have at least 35 “Likes” to be eligible for the prize.

6. Of course, we do have a few conditions. One, you may not wish for the instant victory of your (or another) civilization in the endgame (but you knew that). Two, you may not wish for territory. Three, you may not wish for direct negative influence on any other player. Everything else is game.

Voting starts now. Good luck!

Imperial Warfare Service Team

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